Saturday, March 3, 2012

new experience and first experience.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

beep!! beep!!
new entry coming!

sekadar perasaan yang hanya ingin melihat dan ingin mencuba.
dan ia menjadi realiti. hehehe...

Last Wednesday.
setelah selesai menyempurnakan tugas harian sebagai seorang student IPT, 
I go to Great Hall.... heheh. ramai orang tengah tunggu turn nak derma darah.
masa tu lebih kurang pukul 2, but masa tu saya still tak makan.. just tengok suasana je...
2 orang rakan saya mengajak untuk menderma darah. but, it so complicated to make a decision at the time.
diaorang fill the form, but i'm still terkebil-kebil to think about this.
Finally i fill up the form and submit to the officer. when the submission, all the donor should test their blood group and the ability to donate. nervous, anxious semua ada. huhh.... 
next counter, meet the doctor, and she ask a various question, check my blood pressure...
next, time to take the cert book. and i pick the bag for the blood.. something like a tube but no. i don't know how to explain it.
time to wait for my turn.... just look at the right and left.... OH NO!
first injection still cool.... the needle is not to big... second one. fuhh. really superb... at that time i can't say anything. 
huhhhhh... YA ALLAH, selamatkan lah AKU.
just hav a seat and the nurse come to me and take some information to write into my cert book..
then she go to the lab counter and pick the all those thing.. first thing. HYPODERMIC NEEDLE. huhh. finish my first injection. alhamdulillah, then the big needle... at the time, perasaan kata, sakitnya even tak inject.
unconsciously, the big one da masuk into the nerve. without any sickness... ingat sakit. but it just fine.
after 10 minutes, saya bergelar seorang penderma. hee <3
double bag. huhu... 

i'd like to gain more experience in my life, Insyaallah :)

till meet again.

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