Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sorry :'(

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & hi everyone.

this entry is bout my junior.
I love her like my siblings.
I hav tear ur heart, sorry dear.
I always push u.
I hav make u become hate me.
I'm really sorry my dear!!

Akak minta maaf sangat-sangat dekat Alya because of my own fault, suka sangat marah-marah. I'm not to marah-marah you, I just feels like, I ada mental problem kot. Tak semena je, naik angin. huhh!
Sorry dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U're the best junior that I ever had at IIC
U're the intelligent junior, Yes, u are!
U're the awesome people.
U may cheer-up my day, Yes, I admit that because I love to hear your laugh.
U may become a good listener to the people. 

 I love you, Alyafifi Binti Abu Bakar.
no one can replace your place.

I love you my junior, Alya

jzkk :)

I'm seeking for your apologize :(

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